• Methandienone 10 mg
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Methandrostenolone was first reported in the literature in 1955; and soon released in 1958 by Ciba Pharmaceuticals to the US prescription market under the drug name Dianabol. A derivative of testosterone, the compound has been modified to reduce the androgenic and preserve the anabolic properties. Historically, it has been the most commonly used C-17a alkylated oral steroid for physique enhancing purposes but does have its history deep rooted in medical prescriptions also.

Originally developed alongside Dr John Ziegler; a physician for US Olympic teams, in hopes of reducing competition to Russia who were already utilizing testosterone with their athletes, Methandrostenolone brought a new dynamic as a compound with lower androgenicity but with retained anabolic properties, soon causing advancements in competitive sports. However, within 5 years the compound was beginning to trend a new wave in steroid abuse in sports with many athletes disregarding the initial prescription guidelines of 5-15mg.